IVAO Oceanic Region - Full Control Sydney

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Event Title: IVAO Oceanic Region - Full Control Sydney
Begin: 20.01.2018 18:00z
Until: 20.01.2018 20:00z
Allowed Aircraft: ALL TYPES WELCOME

The Oceanic Region would like to invite you to join us on January 20 for Full Control Sydney. The Oceanic Region will be opening up FULL ATC services at YSSY Sydney on January 20 from 1800z for the peak of Crowded Skies and we would like to invite you to fly with us Downunder!

The Oceanic Region welcomes all IFR and VFR traffic to fly into or out of YSSY Sydney to or from an airport of your choice. ATC services will be Staffed on all major ATC positions in and around Sydney.

This is a great opportunity to experience our local Controllers while also contributing to the Crowded Skies new record attempt.


We recommend the highly detailed and accurate scenery for YSSY Sydney from FlyTampa for this event. Freeware options are also available through AVSIM


Pilots who book their flight, participate during the event times and log their flight in MODA (MODA log only required for point towards Pilot Event Award, Aviation Celebration will be issued to Pilots that book their flight on the event page and participate online)

1 Point Pilot Event Award

Aviation Celebration Award

ATC who book and log their position in MODA will receive the following award:

ATC Event Award


For full details and to book your flight please visit our dedicated event page at:

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Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

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