Antarctica Scenic Flight 2017

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Event Title: Antarctica Scenic Flight 2017
Begin: 25.12.2017 22:00z
Allowed Aircraft: ALL TYPES WELCOME
Departure Airport(s): YBBN
Arrival Airport(s): YBBN

RallyeAir invites you to our Antarctica Scenic Flight for 2017.

In what is a favourite event for us here at RallyeAir, this year for 2017 we will be departing from YBBN Brisbane on a 12 hour and 30 minute flight down to Antarctica and back. This will see us fly on a south east track to fly over the north eastern parts of Antarctica at low altitude before climbing back up to cruising altitude and flying back to YBBN Brisbane.

For the best experience over Antarctica, Aerosoft does have a payware scenery package available at The FlightSim Store that covers all the terrain and stations down at Antarctica in great detail. If you don't have this scenery and won't have it for the flight, you will still enjoy the flight and still be able to see the ice.

As with all RallyeAir flights, you choose what aircraft to fly, however we would like to remind you that this is a long flight so a long range aircraft is strongly advised.


The route we will take is as follows and fully compatible with AIRAC 1713

SCOTT1 SCOTT DER19 30S154E KEBAB TONIM 40S153E 45S154E 50S157E 55S159E 60S161E 65S164E SNIPT 72S170E 73S170E BOENZ BYRRD 7752S16707E BYRRD BOENZ 73S170E 72S170E SNIPT 65S164E 60S161E 55S159E 50S157E 45S154E 40S153E GUTIV CFS BLAKA BLAK9A


Once we approach the ice we will be descending to FL120 and at times down to 10,000ft. Below is a map of the route we will take over the ice.

We hope to see you there!

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Attending Pilots

PUG505 Jason Lonsdale YBBN 22:00 YBBN
PUG138 Daniel Hammond YBBN 22:00 YBBN