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Where We Came From

Established in 2005, RallyeAir has made available to its virtual Pilots a friendly and realistic environment to the point of becoming a great Family, where all recognize RallyeAir as part of their daily lives for over eight years.

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Our Goal

With dedicated Staff members and the best virtual Pilots, we are able to satisfy all kinds of needs to our Members. Whether you like to fly a jumbo halfway around the world, make short-hops, fly regular flights with a scheduled timetable, or create your own charter flights, we are certain we have something for you.

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Why Us

What We Can Offer

With over 1200 scheduled daily flights, countless amount of charter flights, and next-generation aircraft, our Members never get bored! Not forgetting the new Members, we offer them full training facilities with a multitude of features in order to train them and prepare them for online simulation.

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The Story Behind Rallye Air

"Yes I am, it's Nuno Carvalho?"
"Yes it is ..."
"My name is Ricardo Simões and I'm calling because Club 106 Rallye ..."

Oddly enough, that's how RallyeAir was born the with spirit and the friendship that reigns today in RallyeAir. Connecting with Nuno through an ad placed in a car magazine, where he said that he liked to know more people who were owners of then sensational Peugeot 106 Rallye.
As I owned a white boy, needless to say I called Nuno, organising a time and place, we took our "boys" and voila, that day was born 106 Rallye Club de Portugal.

It's been almost seven years since the 1st call. Much happened thereafter, cars were sold, children were born, we changed our houses, but there were things that did not change, friendship, spirit, and common tastes ... One of them is undoubtedly the aviation. At one point, I spoke with Nuno:
"You must go here for me to lend you a" game "you'll like for sure ..." Two days later he was calling me and saying "... we should fly online with ATC clearance ... ask ... IVAO ... bla bla bla ... Teamspeak ... it's all REAL !!!! ".

And I thought 'this guy is really crazy ... "And there we started, with a LJ-45 painted by color of our 106 Rallye.
That's when I realized what really was the virtual aviation. Then I remembered and said: "Why not make a virtual company, RallyeAir, how about ??"
Well, after a while there came the crazy ideas again "it takes at least 5 pilots registered online the site ... ... virtual airline ..." Today I look at RallyeAir and never thought I could achieve the dimensions that it has evolved too. We still have the same spirit we had seven years with, friendship, at will, the living, and who comes back into the "company" quickly realizes this.

My friends, I am proud to speak for RallyeAir, and much thanks to my stable companion / brother, Nuno, who has the dedication to the company.

The many others appreciate the work and effort they have to RallyeAir continue to grow, Hugo our Webmaster and Luis Areal for understanding and dedication, Mikas, Paulo Pinto, Paulo Morgado, the Robalinho short, all those who directly or indirectly worked for successful RallyeAir.
Then all PUG pilots, a thank you for flying by RallyeAir.
PS For those unaware, PUG is short for Peugeot.

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