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We take pride in the spectrum of diverse flights we offer to our pilots. These routes are constantly updated and new ones added. See what our pilots are up to now.

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Recent Flights

Flight # Pilot ID Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S
PUG001PUG569YBTLYBCSB737-80000.49-96 ft/m
PUG001PUG569YBTLYBCSB737-80000.49-96 ft/m
PUG563PUG569YBTLYBCSB737-80000.57-75 ft/m
PUG1821PUG113YPDNYBASB717-20002.02-317 ft/m
PUG587PUG501YBBNYPADB737-80002.43-621 ft/m

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Established in 2005, RallyeAir has made available to its virtual Pilots a friendly and realistic environment to the point of becoming a great Family, where all recognize RallyeAir as part of their daily lives for over eight years. With dedicated Staff members and the best virtual Pilots, we are able to satisfy all kinds of needs to our Members.

Whether you like to fly a jumbo halfway around the world, make short-hops, fly regular flights with a scheduled timetable, or create your own charter flights, we are certain we have something for you.

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